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Voter Lists and Products

NOTE: Voter data is made available for political purposes only. Use of voter registration information for commercial purposes, such as debt collection or sales, or for any purpose other than those allowed by law is a serious misdemeanor.  (Code of Iowa, Section 48A.39) Persons purchasing lists must specify their political purpose (for example, the name of a campaign or political organization).  All list requests are kept on public file.

Our office can produce voter lists for Johnson County or for any state legislative or school district which includes part of Johnson County.  Congressional district and statewide lists may be ordered from the Iowa Secretary of State.

Voter data is available in two formats:

All prices are subject to change. For more information or for specific requests, please contact our office.

Costs applied to all lists

Voter list prices are standardized statewide. There is a minimum $10.00 charge for any voter list.

All list requests are charged for data. This charge is $0.50 per 1000 records and is based on current information at the time the request is processed. 

Information available

    The following data fields are available:

  • name: first, middle, last, suffix (Jr./Sr. etc).
  • address: lot, sub-lot (1/2, etc.), street name and pre/post directional, apartment/lot, city, ZIP code, ZIP+4 (when available)
  • mailing address, if different
  • gender
  • birthdate
  • party affiliation
  • precinct
  • split: geographic designation including city or township, precinct and school district
  • phone number (if provided by voter)
  • date last voted
  • date of registration
  • ID number (computer generated).

Electronic Data

The purchaser pays only for data. Customers should provide a valid email address or a flash drive. For emailed lists, advance payment is required.

Paper Lists

Paper lists include 15 voter records per page.  Please contact the Secretary of State for paper lists.

Cost Estimate Examples

To help explain our costs, the estimated price of two sample requests are listed.  One estimate is for a list of all active registered voters in Johnson County; the other estimate is for a list of all active registered voters in the city of Coralville.  These estimates are unofficial and for informational purposes only.  Actual costs are calculated at the time the list is prepared.

Total Registered Voters at latest update: 11/4/2013 91,631
All County Sample List (Coralville)
Selected Records 91,631 11,578
Costs Applied to All Lists:    
Data Charge ($0.50 per 1000 selected records, $10 minimum) $45.82 $10.00
Print Charge ($0.50 per page, 15 voters per page) $3,054.50 $386.00
Paper List Total $3,100.32 $396.00

Examples of list requests

Persons purchasing voter lists may specify which records they would like.  In certain cases, requests may need to be processed and billed as two or more separate lists.  Past purchasers of voter lists have used criteria such as:

  • Election constituency (city, district, precinct, etc.).
  • Age or gender
  • Date of registration
  • Party affiliation
  • Voters participating in given election(s).  NOTE: Iowa presidential caucus attendance data is not available in electronic or printed format from our office.  Contact the political parties for more information.
  • Persons requesting and/or returning absentee ballots.

For more information, please contact our office.

Other Products

  • City precinct maps.  Iowa City, Coralville and North Liberty maps $5. Printer-friendly individual precinct maps available here.
  • Legislative district maps: $6.  (Please check for availability.)
  • County road map (rural precincts), free if available
  • Voter Registration Forms and Absentee Ballot Request Forms: First five free. Additional forms five cents each.

Code of Iowa provisions on preparation and use of voter lists

48A.38 Lists of voters. 

1. Any person may request of the registrar and shall receive, upon payment of the cost of preparation, a list of registered voters and other data on registration and participation in elections, in accordance with the following requirements and limitations:

a. The registrar shall prepare each list requested within fourteen days of receipt of the request, except that the registrar shall not be required to prepare any list within seven days of the close of registration for any regularly scheduled election if the preparation of the list would impede the preparation of election registers for that election.

b. Each list shall be as current as possible, but shall in all cases reflect voter activity reported to any commissioner twenty-eight or more days before preparation of the list.

c. Each list shall be in the order and form specified by the list purchaser, and shall contain the registration data specified by the list purchaser, provided compliance with the request is within the capability of the record maintenance system used by the registrar.

d. Lists prepared shall not include inactive records unless specifically requested by the requester.

e. The registrar shall prepare updates to lists at least biweekly, and after the close of registration for a regularly scheduled election, but before the election, if requested to do so at the time a list is purchased. All updates shall be made available to all requesters at the same time, and shall be in the order and form specified by each requester.

2. The registrar shall maintain a log of the name, address, and telephone number of every person who receives a list under this section, and of every person who reviews registration records in the office of the registrar. Commissioners of registration shall maintain a similar log in their offices of those who receive a list from the commissioner or who review registration records in the commissioner's office. Logs maintained under this subsection are public records, and shall be available for public inspection at reasonable times. 
94 Acts, ch 1169, 39 

48A.39 Use of registration information -- penalty. 

Information about individual registrants obtained from voter registration records shall be used only to request the registrant's vote at an election, or for another genuine political purpose, or for a bona fide official purpose by an elected official, or for bona fide political research, but shall not be used for any commercial purposes. A person who uses registration information in violation of this section commits a serious misdemeanor. 
94 Acts, ch 1169, 40