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Johnson County Ambulance Service was established in 1966, providing exclusive 911 Emergency Medical Care to Johnson County and some of our surrounding communities. Initially operated by the Johnson County Sheriff Department, the service became its own department in 1970. In 1976 the service began providing advanced pre-hospital care through a joint venture with Mercy Hospital and the University of Iowa Hospital. The service became a Paramedic level ambulance service in 1981 and continues to provide this advanced level of service today.

Ambulance Photo 3Services are provided to over 142,000 residents in a response area of close to 623 square miles. The service call volume in fiscal year of 2010 was 7123. The ambulance service has seen an increase of 2446 calls for service over the past 5 years - 9569 calls were recorded for fiscal year 2015. Johnson County Ambulance maintains a fleet of seven ambulance units, staffing three of these units 24 hours a day. Two trucks are located at the Iowa City base near the downtown area, and one at the Coralville Fire Station #2. A fourth ambulance is located at a west Iowa City location and is staffed during hours of peak call volume.

In addition to emergency ambulance services, Johnson County Ambulance also provides several non-emergency services. For over 20 years the service has collaborated with the University of Iowa Athletic Department providing medical coverage at football, basketball, wrestling and other athletic events. Starting in 1998, the service contracted with the University of Iowa Hospitals providing employee and administrative support for their mobile critical care units. Johnson County Ambulance Service provides an Emergency Medical Technician to assist University staff in emergent transfers, assisting in the stabilization and transport of patients back to the University of Iowa Hospital for specialized care.

Our onsite billing office is here to provide services to patients and their families. The office processes Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and other insurance claims. Staff is available to answer billing questions and assist in settling insurance claims during normal business hours. Ambulance Photo 1

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in Johnson County is comprised of a combination of volunteer and paid agencies throughout the county, 911 dispatch centers, and hospital emergency departments. This provides for a tiered response to calls for service aiding in quick care and increases survival rate of the county’s residents. Johnson County Ambulance provides a liaison to each of these entities to assist with training and other logistical issues. Johnson County Ambulance Service additionally provides support to these agencies by providing medical coverage during active fires, hazardous materials situations and high risk law enforcement scenes.

Public relations and public education is important to us. In collaboration with Johnson County EMS Association and Johnson County Safe Kids, the service participates in an annual EMS Awareness Fair as well as many other events. Staff educates a variety of groups and organizations throughout the year by providing information about the EMS system, safety and injury prevention.