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First Responders

First Responders

Rapid and effective care is the basic tenant of the First Responder system. A variety of medical emergencies are encountered by First Responders on a daily basis, therefore First Responders and EMT-Basics are trained to provide basic care. Although, the Johnson County First Responder services focus is on basic care, they have the ability to perform advanced treatments such as Automatic External Defibrillation and Advanced Airway Maintenance. EMT-Basics may assist patients with medications that may be necessary in medical emergencies. The First Responder network is a state of the art system, which makes Johnson County a safer place to live.

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The care First Responder services provide consists of stabilization procedures. Some of the most common emergencies encountered by First Responders and EMT-Basics are:
      • Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest
      • Spinal Injuries
      • Bleeding and Shock
      • Difficulty Breathing
      • Heart Problems
      • Chest Pain
      • Allergic Reactions
      • Childbirth
      • Poisoning
      • Motor Vehicle Accidents
      • Fractures and Dislocations

The First Responders are trained to deal with a variety of medical issues, which includes treating patients from the very young, to the very old. Every unique medical call receives rapid and effective emergency medical care.

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In addition to defibrillation and emergency treatments, the behind-the-scenes assistance that First Responders provide is valuable to the outcome of the victims of medical emergencies. Their assistance includes preparing the patient for transport, lifting assistance, CPR, and assistance with transport. Sometimes, critical patients may need more attention than a lone Paramedic can give, and the Johnson County First Responders assist with patient care while the ambulance is enroute to the hospital. This combined effort is essential in the effort of saving lives.

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Several communities in Johnson County base their service in the fire departments or as a separate First Responder service. Each First Responder service responds to medical or traumatic emergencies in their vicinity. First Responders serving Johnson County include:


Journey Unknown Scene 3 Coralville Fire Department
Coralville Police Department
Hills Fire Department
Iowa City Fire Department
Kalona First Responders
Lone Tree First Responders
North Liberty Fire Department
Oxford First Responders
Solon Fire Department
Swisher Fire Department
Tiffin First Responders 
West Branch Fire Department

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In order to keep proficient with skills required of a First Responder, training for the Johnson County First Responder services is supported by JCAS. Each First Responder service has a JCAS Paramedic assigned to them to assist with training and to provide up-to-date information on the ambulance service. First Responders have recertification every three months on a defibrillator and the advanced airway techniques. The JCAS Paramedic liaison coordinates the recertification process with each individual First Responder agency.

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Medical control is the supervision of local EMS services by a physician as required by the Iowa Code of Law for EMS agencies. Each agency in the Johnson County First Responder System is organized under uniform medical control. Serving as Medical Director for the JCAS First Responder Services is Charles Huss, MD. The medical director is responsible for the direct and indirect medical control of First Responder services. Direct medical control is the establishment of a designee to approve medical treatments during emergencies. Indirect medical control is the implementation of protocols. Protocols are standardized instructions on how to treat common emergencies. Emergencies that fall outside the protocols, First Responders will refer to medical control designee for approval of treatments.