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Non-Emergency Services

Johnson County Ambulance Service offers many non-emergency services related to Emergency Medical Services. Inter-facility transfers compose the largest portion of non-emergency services, but JCAS also participates in promotional activities.

JCAS promotes itself by educating the public on how to access its services, when the services are needed, and the awareness of risk-associated behaviors, such as drunk driving or wearing seat-belts. Children comprise the largest target audience, yet the JCAS campaigns also involve adults. Having a public well educated in accessing the services provided by JCAS is an important goal of the JCAS public education campaign.

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Interfacility transfers utilize ambulances to move a patient from one facility to another, be it a hospital, long-term care facility, or a residence. These are typically routine in nature, using an ambulance because the patient is still in need of medical care, but needs to be moved to a more appropriate facility.

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JCAS at Kinick StadiumJCAS provides emergency medical care to all spectators, athletes, and staff at University of Iowa athletic events. These large crowd events have attendance’s from 15,000 - 75,000 persons, with football games being the largest events. JCAS provides similar coverage to other large events. Music concerts at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa Memorial Union, area festivals and celebrations.



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Journey Unknown Scene 1Journey Unknown is a demonstration of what happens during a drunk driving accident. The Journey, by far, has the most profound impact on it’s audience as any public awareness campaign that JCAS does. Four teenagers are in a motor vehicle accident with alcohol involved. A mock accident is held each spring in the week prior to prom for audiences of local high school students. All of the high school students are involved in the assembly, which is performed on a rotating basis in the area schools. Each school host the Journey Unknown once every other year.

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