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 County Attorney Driver's License
Reinstatement Pay Plan (CAPP)


Driver's License

Your license is suspended because of unpaid court fines Normally, the fines must be paid in full before you can get your driver’s license back. A County Attorney Pay Plan (CAPP) may allow you to reinstate your driver's license while at the same time consolidating payments on all of your unpaid fines and DOT civil penalties.

In plain language, a CAPP allows you to “rent” your license while you pay down your fines.

 Applicants with pending Johnson County serious misdemeanor, aggravated misdemeanor or
felony charges will not be considered until those charges have been resolved.

 Applicant must submit a completed personal financial statement.

 • Employed applicants must approve and sign a wage assignment prior to beginning the agreement
and maintain such assignments for all jobs held throughout the duration of the agreement.

 Unemployed applicants must show proof of disability or other income. Unemployed applicants who are not disabled must obtain and keep employment.

 Applicants must obtain and maintain personal financial liability coverage (auto insurance).

         º Proof of current coverage and insurer contact information must be presented before
starting agreement.

        º Proof of current coverage and insurer contact information must be presented upon request
throughout the duration of the agreement.

 • Applicants should review Other Issues and FAQs before applying

 • Participation in a Driver's License Reinstatement Agreement requires the full cooperation of the

 Acceptance or refusal of an agreement application is subject to the full discretion of the Johnson County Attorney's Office.

Other issues besides suspensions for unpaid fines may prevent you from getting your license:

Arrow Icon Bars and Revocations

These are holds on your license that run for specific periods of time.  Nothing will end them early.  Even if you are barred or revoked, a CAPP may still be helpful for those who need a Temporary Restricted License (TRL) for work, school, child care, health care or other reasons.  Click here  

Applicants are advised to check with the DOT regarding their eligibility for a TRL. Entering a CAPP does NOT guarantee issuance of a TRL.

Arrow Icon DOT Civil Penalties

Whenever the DOT bars or revokes your license, it assesses a “civil penalty” which must be paid to get your license back. If possible you should pay these before setting up a CAPP.   But, DOT civil penalties can be included as part of a CAPP agreement. Pay online  here.   

Arrow Icon  Drinking Driver’s Class (12-hour) 

• If you live in Iowa,  Click here  
• If you live outside Iowa,  Click here

Arrow Icon  Insurance

• All CAPP participants must maintain standard liability insurance as required by the state where the applicant resides. 
• In addition, the DOT may require SR-22 Insurance.
 Click here   
• Proof of Non-owner’s Insurance is required for participants who do not own their own vehicles. 
 Click here 
Arrow Icon  Ignition Interlock Devices -  Click here
Arrow Icon  Substance Abuse Evaluations and Treatment

If you live in Iowa,
 Click here  

If you live outside Iowa look in your yellow pages or search under “substance abuse treatment” or “drug abuse treatment”


Arrow Icon FAQs  Click here


Iowa License PlateVehicle Registration Holds & Lifts

If you have any outstanding fines payable to the court, there will be a hold on your ability to register a motor vehicle in Iowa. This includes all criminal and driving-related fines. The hold will remain in place until all fines are paid in full.

However, if you are on a satisfactory pay plan with the County Attorney we can grant a temporary ten (10) day lift of the hold to allow you to register your vehicle.

If you are working, we will require a wage assignment in order for your pay plan to be satisfactory. 

If you stopped making payments on a previous pay plan you will have to bring yourself current with the terms of that plan, plus an additional payment to be determined before we will enter a new plan and grant a lift on a vehicle registration hold.


Gavel Contempt Of Court / Show Cause Hearings

In some cases we file contempt of court (sometimes called Show Cause) proceedings to help collect fines. We will work with you to set up a pay plan. If you do not comply with the pay plan, you must appear in court and explain why you have not done so – pay or appear.

If you are working, we will require a wage assignment in order for your pay plan to be satisfactory.


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