Accounting and Finance

The Auditor issues accounts payable and payroll, produces monthly expenditure, revenue, and payroll reports, keeps detailed ledgers for each of the various county funds, and performs other accounting functions for Johnson County.

More information on payroll and benefits is available from the Johnson County Human Resources Department.

The Johnson County Finance Department was established in 2013. Newer information on county finance and budgets is available at their page.

Past Johnson County Audits and Financial Statements

  • FY12 (scanned .pdf, 65 pages)
  • FY11 (scanned .pdf, 67 pages)
  • FY10 (scanned .pdf, 67 pages)
  • FY09 (scanned .pdf, 67 pages)
  • FY08 (.pdf, 74 pages)
  • FY07 (.pdf, 72 pages)
  • FY06 (.pdf, 73 pages)
  • FY05 (.pdf, 74 pages)

Local Budget Information (Iowa Department of Management)