Voter ID Card Mailing Scheduled For Early December

In one of the first big steps in Iowa’s new voter ID law, voter cards will have a new look.

On December 6, 2017, the Iowa Secretary of State plans to mail new voter identification cards next week to an estimated 7030 Johnson County active registered voters who do not currently have an Iowa Department of Transportation ID number (either an Iowa driver’s license or non-driver ID). These cards will be mailed in envelopes.


For these voters, this identification will be necessary to vote when the new ID requirements begin next year. Voters will be expected to sign these cards and keep them to be presented when voting. These cards will also include a PIN number that voters without Iowa DOT ID numbers must use when requesting a mailed absentee ballot.

Voters who do have an Iowa DOT license or ID will be asked to present it when voting. These voters will not be included in the December mailing. Voters with Iowa DOT IDs will receive a “voter confirmation card” when they register or update their registration.

The new confirmation cards will look different than old voter cards and they specifically say “This notice will not be accepted as identification at the polls.” Old voter cards cannot be used for ID at the polls either.

The confirmation cards will not include a PIN number. Voters who have Iowa DOT ID numbers will now be required to use that number when requesting a mailed absentee ballot.

Neither of the two new card formats include the space for address changes or corrections that was on the old cards. Voters who have Iowa DOT numbers may update their registration on line. Voters who do not have Iowa DOT numbers or who want to make changes by mail will now need to complete a new voter registration form.

If you do not have a Iowa DOT ID and do not get a new voter ID card before the holidays, please contact our office. Cards will be mailed to the most recent address on the voter registration file. For most voters, this will be where they lived during the 2016 presidential election. 

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