February 5, 2018 Iowa Caucuses

Iowa's precinct caucuses are best known for their first in the nation role in the presidential nomination process. The parties also hold caucuses in non-presidential years to choose party officers, debate platforms, and conduct other business. The three full-status political parties - Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians - will host caucuses at 7 PM Monday, February 5, 2018

The caucuses are a function of the political parties. The Auditor's Office does not conduct the caucuses, report results, or play a direct role. The parties are required to report caucus locations to our office, and must turn in any voter registrations they receive.

Caucus Participation and Procedure

To participate in the caucuses, you must be a resident of the precinct, 18 years old as of the general election date (born on or before November 6, 2000) and registered to vote with the party whose caucus you attend.

Note: You must be 17 1/2 years old to register to vote (born on or before August 5, 2000). If you were born between August 6 and November 6, 1996, you can still participate in the caucuses. Your party may have a form for you to fill out indicating that you will register to vote when you turn 17 1/2. Parties may have a youth participation program for persons who will not be 18 by November 6; contact the parties for details.

Caucus participants must actually attend the caucus in the precinct in which they live - there is no absentee voting. You can register to vote or update your registration on caucus day. The parties are then responsible for returning the voter registration forms to our office.

Caucus participants discuss issues and candidates, choose party precinct officers, and elect delegates to the party's county convention. County conventions elect delegates to congressional district and state conventions. Rules and procedures are set by each respective party.

The number of county convention delegates elected from each precinct is determined by each party, based on how many votes the party's candidates received in that precinct in recent elections.


The Libertarians will have one caucus for all 57 precincts on February 5 at 7 pm at the Iowa City Public Library, Meeting Room D. (Note correction on time)

Democratic and Republican locations will be announced soon.

Political Party Contacts

Under Iowa law, only fully qualified political parties (at present, Democrats, and Republicans, and Libertarians) hold official caucuses. In 2008, Iowa established a new classification called "political organization." These groups do not hold official caucuses but may conduct events at the same time; contact them for details.

Full Party Status

Johnson County Democrats
PO Box 1773
Iowa City IA 52244
Phone: 319-337-8683
Chair: Christopher Taylor

Johnson County Republicans
PO Box 1384
Iowa City IA 52244
Phone: 319-339-8381
Chair: Matt Evans

Johnson County Libertarians
PO Box 440
Hills IA 52235
Phone: 319-930-1561
Chair: Daniel Zwick

Political Organization Status

Johnson County Green Party
PO Box 2448
Iowa City IA 52244
Secretary/Facilitator: Holly Hart

Elections Office
Phone:  319-356-6004         

Elections Deputy
Carrie Nierling

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