Emergency Preparedness Information

Green Accenct Severe Weather

Bullet Johnson County Siren Guidelines 2013
Bullet Johnson County Tornado Siren Coverage Map
Bullet Johnson County Warning Siren Alerting Map
Bullet Outdoor Warning Sirens Briefing, July 2013
Bullet Outdoor Warning Siren Best Practices Recommendation Bullet Red Cross Mobile Apps
Bullet StormReady! National Weather Service
Bullet Tornado Info Sheet
Bullet Tornado Fact Sheet
Bullet Straight-Line Wind vs Tornado
Bullet Driving Your Car in Bad Weather
Bullet Preparing for Winter Storms and Blizzards
Bullet Put a Freeze on Winter Fires
Bullet Winter Driving
Bullet Iowa Report on Weather Preparedness
Bullet NOAA’s Weather-Ready Nation
Bullet Warning Systems
Bullet Emergency Management and Kinnick Stadium WeatherSTEM

Green AccenctStorm Spotters

Bullet Advanced Spotters' Field Guide Abobe Icon
Bullet Basic Spotters' Field Guide Abobe Icon
Bullet Spotter Training Key Points Abobe Icon
Bullet Storm Spotter Protocol Abobe Icon

Green AccenctDisaster Preparedness

Bullet 20 Weeks to Preparedness, "Develop an Emergency Kit" Booklet Abobe Icon
Bullet 20 Weeks to Preparedness Program Abobe Icon
Bullet Active Shooter: How to Respond When an Active Shooter is in Your Vicinity Abobe Icon
Bullet Active Shooter: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event (YouTube video)
Bullet After the Fire! Returning to Normal Abobe Icon
Bullet Be Ready Iowa! Abobe Icon
Bullet Ready Kids! Abobe Icon
Bullet Business Disaster Preparedness Planning Abobe Icon
Bullet CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
Bullet CDC Natural Disaster Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and Podcasts
Bullet Daycare Preparedness Planning
Bullet Disaster Hero
Bullet Duane Arnold Energy Center Power Plant Preparedness Abobe Icon
Bullet Family Communications Plan Abobe Icon
Bullet Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans Abobe Icon
Bullet How to Identify Common Legal Problems Faced by Disaster Survivors Abobe Icon
Bullet How to Prepare for and Recover from Disaster: A Self-Help Toolkit Abobe Icon
Bullet Iowa Legal Aid Disaster Recovery Abobe Icon
Bullet Let's Get Ready - Sesame Street Planning Together for Emergencies
Bullet Major Disaster, Are You Prepared?
Bullet Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Abobe Icon
Bullet Radiological Emergency Information for Farmers, Food Processors, and Distributors Abobe Icon
Bullet Recommended Items to Include in a Basic Emergency Supply Kit Abobe Icon
Bullet Reporting Suspicious Behavior, If You See Something Say Something
Bullet Shelter In Place Abobe Icon
Bullet Suspicious Activity Fact Sheet Abobe Icon
Bullet Tools and Resources to Help Businesses Plan, Prepare and Protect from an Attack Abobe Icon

Green AccenctFlooding

Bullet After the Flood Fact Sheet Abobe Icon
Bullet Before, During and After a Flood - Are You Prepared? Abobe Icon
Bullet Building Dikes to Prevent Minor Surface Flooding Abobe Icon
Bullet Flash Flooding Fact Sheet Abobe Icon
Bullet Flooding FAQ Abobe Icon
Bullet How to Build a Sandbag Wall Abobe Icon
Bullet How to Construct a Sandbag Emergency Levee Abobe Icon
Bullet HESCO Barrier Demonstration
Bullet How to Restore Your Flooded Home, Addressing Mold and Other Health Related Hazards Abobe Icon
Bullet Safety Tips After Floods and Other Disasters Abobe Icon
Bullet Sandbagging Techniques Abobe Icon