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Well Testing and Safe Water

Free water testing is made eligible to all Johnson County households with a private well on their property. The program is available through the Grants-to-Counties (GTC) program. The GTC program was established in 1987 when legislature passed the Iowa Groundwater Protection Act to help prevent further contamination of one of Iowa’s most precious resources; our groundwater.

Water Well Sampling

Test TubesAll well water should be periodically sampled. How often you test your well water varies by the age of the well, and whether you experience water discoloration, unusual smells, and/or suspect contamination. You may contact Johnson County Public Health or the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory to purchase sample bottles.

Johnson County Public Health offers free water sampling to Johnson County residents. Call to make an appointment to have an Environmental Health Specialist take the water sample for you. This program is funded by the Grants to Counties Grant and only a limited number of samples are available free of charge each year.

If you have any questions or concerns about your well please contact an Environmental Health Specialist at Johnson County Public Health at (319-356-6040).

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Water Treatment

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