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Small Bullet 4 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

The Community Health Needs Assessment is a systematic examination of the health status indicators for a given population that helps to identify key problems and assets in a community.

2015 CHNA Qualitative Report
2015 CHNA Quantitative Report

Small Bullet 4 Health Improvement Plan (HIP)

The Community Health Improvement plan is a long-term, collaborative effort to address public health issues based on the results of assessment activities (CHNA). This plan focuses on the underlying causes of health concerns in the community and a structured plan to address the health concern. The HIP then identifies 17 specific health priorities that align with these public health issues.

Health Improvement Plan 2016-2020
Johnson County HIP - June 2017

Small Bullet 4 Healthy Iowans 2010

Healthy Iowans

Small Bullet 4 Healthy People 2020

Healthy People

Small Bullet 4 Previous Reports – Johnson County CHNA-HIP

FY2015 CHNA-HIP Progress Report
FY2014 CHNA-HIP Progress Report
FY2013 CHNA-HIP Progress Report
2011 Update of the CHNA-HIP
2012 Iowa CHNA-HIP Reporting Tool
HIP Progress Report to IDPH Community Consultant, April 2012
2010 CHNA Report
2010-2011 Iowa CHNA-HIP Reporting Tool
Community Health Snapshot for Johnson County 2011