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Death Records


1) COMPLETE the Application form
2) Application must be NOTARIZED
3) Include copy of valid PHOTO ID
4) Certified copy cost: $20

Johnson County Recorder
Attn: Vital Records
913 S Dubuque St
Iowa City IA 52240-4273

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A vital record can also be ordered by calling: 1-866-809-0290

Death records begin at the year 1880. Certified copies are $20 and only available to entitled parties (i.e. parents, children, spouses, siblings, grandparents and funeral homes). Individuals requesting a death record must prove entitlement by showing proper identification. County registrars may only issue copies of birth and death events that occurred in their county. Per Iowa law, information about a specific record is not available over the telephone or by prepared lists. Iowa law provides for public viewing in the county where the record is maintained, or certified copies issued to entitled persons.

Death records between the years 1921 – 1941 must be requested through the
Iowa Department of Public Health .