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Bad Weather Policy

Driving in Snow

Johnson County SEATS contracts with Iowa City & Coralville so in the event of a snowstorm or other event affecting the operation of Iowa City Transit & Coralville Transit, SEATS will be in service the same as they are. If Iowa City Transit and/or Coralville delay then we will be delayed the same times they are (If Coralville is delayed and Iowa City is not then the Coralville rides will be delayed and Iowa City’s will not).

The decision will be made by our contractors and broadcast on the following television and radio stations.


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KGAN (Channel 2)
KCRG (Channel 9)

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WMT (600 AM and 96.5 FM)
KKRQ (100.7 FM)
KCJJ (1560 AM)

The general policy is that if the city's fixed route system stops running, then Paratransit will also stop operating those same hours as soon as we know no one is left stranded.

Bullet If the Iowa City Schools are delayed or closed for the day, SEATS will not run in the rural service area.

Bullet If Solon Schools are delayed or cancelled there will be no meal delivery or Solon rides.

Bullet If Lone Tree Schools are delayed or cancelled there will be no meal delivery or Lone Tree rides.

Bullet If Clear Creek Amana Schools are delayed or cancelled there will be no trips for Oxford, Tiffin, or Cosgrove.

Also affecting SEATS service: if the access to the residence or facility (driveway, sidewalk and/or walkway) is ice covered or snow covered and unsafe to drive or walk on, SEATS service will not be able do the service due to safety concerns. This must be approved by the office.

If in ANY DOUBT call the SEATS office at 339-6128.

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ADA Quote on Bad Weather Conditions
Sec. 37.123
(3) Any operational pattern or practice that significantly limits the availability of service to ADA paratransit eligible persons.

(ii) Operational problems attributable to causes beyond the control of the entity (including, but not limited to, weather or traffic conditions affecting all vehicular traffic that were not anticipated at the time a trip was scheduled) shall not be a basis for determining that such a pattern or practice exists.