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Plans And Policies Adopted By The Board Of Supervisors

Listed below are links to some of the significant plans and policies approved by the Board of Supervisors over the last five years. It is not intended to be a complete compilation of all County policies and plans as other departments and elected offices have plans and policies that guide their services.

Small Bullet 4 Current Plans Approved by the Board of Supervisors

2017-2018 Strategic Plan
2017-2021 Secondary Roads 5-Year Construction Program and Maintenance Rehabilitation Program
Bicycling and Multi-Use Trails Plan
Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management Plan
Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan for County Facilities and Properties
Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan
Land Use Plan
Sustainable Lawn and Landscape Plan

Small Bullet 4Policies Approved by the Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors may implement policy by ordinance, resolution or statement. The policies below are divided by those of general applicability and those that relate to employees and/or internal operations. The lists below are not exhaustive but represent recent action or those that may be of widest interest.

A. General

Access to Public Restrooms Based on Gender Identity
Art Policy
Attendance on County Boards and Commissions
Buy Local Policy
Closure of County Offices Due to Emergencies and Inclement Weather
Finance Policies
Human Rights Ordinance
Prohibiting Firearms on County Property
Snow and Ice Removal Policy
Use of Cigarettes, Tobacco Products, Alternative Nicotine Products and Vapor Products on Johnson County Properties

B. Internal – The policies listed do not replace policies in the Employee Handbook.

Composting Policy
Department Head Payment/Reimbursement Policy
Employee Parking Lots
Hiring Policy
Mobile Device Technology Policy
Residency Policy
Social Media Policies
Use of Employee Wellness Rooms
Volunteer Time-Off (VTO) Policy with list of eligible organizations

Small Bullet 4 Archives

2011-2013 Strategic Plan