Public Survey on Sutliff Bridge 

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors is currently considering three options with regard to the Sutliff Bridge.  You are invited to participate in a survey regarding this project.  Please answer the following questions and provide any additional information that you think will assist the Board in its deliberations. 

For purposes of this survey, “Option 1” involves replacing the lost span with a span that would be similar in appearance.  “Option 2” is replacement of the span with a cable stay span.  “Option 3” is demolition of the existing spans and use of the federal reimbursement for other County projects.  More information about these options is presented here...

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1.  My preference for the Sutliff Bridge project is: (Choose only 1) 

 2. If Option 3 is chosen, I would like to see the FEMA funds used for:

3. I am a resident of   

4. Additional Comments:

5. Name: