Parcel (E911) Addressing

The County Building Code requires in unincorporated areas that a parcel address be assigned to any parcel with a structure on it. A parcel address is also known as E911 addressing. Parcel addresses are generally assigned for new construction in the unincorporated areas.  Even if your parcel will only have a barn on it, it still needs to have a parcel address.  (If your parcel is in corporate city limits, contact your city.)

Why Is a Parcel Address Needed?

  • The parcel address should be used when reporting an emergency. (The Sheriff’s Office describes appropriate uses of the 911 system.)
  • In addition, utilities typically require a parcel address to activate service for new customers.
  • You may also use the address as a mailing address. (Not recommended if you are an absentee owner.)

To Request a Parcel Address and Sign

  • The parcel owner or their agent may make the request.
  • No fee is required.
  • The County will assign an address to the parcel when the building permit is issued.
    •  You may not request specific numbers.
    •  Numbers are assigned based on a quadrant numbering system and on the location of the driveway egress.
  • The County will install and maintain the address sign at no cost to you. It takes about 10 business days for the sign to be installed.
  • To make your request, contact the Planning, Development and Sustainability Department at 319-356-6083 or email with the following items:
    • Parcel number (which is the number provided by the Johnson County assessor)
    • Description or map of where the driveway is located

Placement of Signs

Signs are placed based on a quadrant numbering system and the location of the driveway. GIS mapping is used. You may not request that the sign be placed in a particular location.

To Get a Missing or Damaged Parcel Address Sign Replaced

If your parcel’s address sign is missing or damaged and needs replacing, contact Planning, Development and Sustainability at 319-356-6083 or

Regarding missing or new street name signs, contact the County's Secondary Roads Department at 319-356-6046.