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The Land Use Plan is essentially a long-range "vision statement" which is articulated by the regulations in the Zoning Ordinance. The plan acknowledges that Johnson County is rapidly growing and changing. The plan is a collection of broad goals and objectives that address: physical land use, infrastructure management and needs, environmental issues, housing and growth management strategies, economic development, and transportation issues. It's purpose is to establish how and where change will occur in order that services can be adequately provided, and to create policies for managing change in a manner that best represents the needs of the County and its environment. Beginning in November 2016, Johnson County began the process to create a comprehensive plan. Please visit jocoplan.com for more information.

Small Bullet 4 2008 Land Use Plan

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Small Bullet 4Economic Development Policies Amendment

This is an approved amendment 03/25/2004 to the Johnson County Land Use Plan which replaces existing reference to Economic Development with new Economic and Community Development Policies. These changes and others will be incorporated into the revised Plan in the future.

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Archived 2008 Land Use Plan Planning Process/2006 Land Use Plan Update   

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