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CompassGIS Mapping / Maps

The Planning, Development and Sustainability Department uses online GIS maps to analyze and assist with development and building applications.

The static maps available below are meant to be used only for overview purposes. We recommend you use the County’s GIS Mapping, also known as the Property Information Viewer (PIV), for your mapping needs. 

 These tips can help you use the online GIS Mapping to see specific features. A complete PIV Help Guide is available at the County’s GIS Mapping site.

To click on "Layer List" -- once you launch the Property Info Viewer, look for the icon in the upper right corner that looks like three sheets of stacked paper.

  • Cell Phone Towers (1) Click on “Layer List,” (2) Select “Cell Towers.”
  • Zoning (1) Click on “Layer List,” (2) Select “Zoning,” (3) Click on small bullet to open the sub-layers – select “Zoning.”
  • Flood Areas (1) Click on the “Layer List,” (2) Select “FEMA”, (3) Select the flood, FEMA or LOMA layers you wish to see.
  • To find a specific property:
  • In the “Enhanced Search” menu, select the “By Value” tab, then select search type from the “search layer” drop-down menu, e.g., “address” or “parcel number.” Type in the address or parcel number you wish to see. You also can search by building permit number (rural areas) and several other options.

Johnson County Land Use Plan Map Abobe Icon
North Corridor Development Area Map   Abobe Icon

Corn Suitability Rating Abobe Icon
Farmstead Splits Overview Map Abobe Icon
Floodplain Map Abobe Icon
Hydric Soils Abobe Icon
Land Cover Abobe Icon
Slopes Abobe Icon
Unstable Soils Abobe Icon
Wetlands Abobe Icon