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Subdivision Application 

Whenever a parcel of land consisting of fewer than 40 acres is created, an application for subdivision approval must be submitted to the Johnson County Planning Development & Sustainability Department.

Applications for subdivisions plat approval are available here Abobe Icon or from from the Johnson County Planning Development & Sustainability Department.

Small Bullet 4What To Submit 

The following information must be submitted along with the completed application:

• Ten copies of the preliminary/final plat including the information required by the Johnson County subdivision regulations.
• Electronic or digitized copy Abobe Icon of proposed plat.
• The names and addresses of the owners of all property within five hundred (500) feet of the larger parcel.
• The application fee plus a $10.00 sign fee.
• Legal documents.
• A brief explanation of application.
• Does this request address affordable housing in Johnson County, Iowa?
• Resolution affirming the stability of the current road system signed.

Small Bullet 4The Process 

Upon submission of the application, a hearing is scheduled before the County Planning and Zoning Commission. As with zoning applications, subdivision applications must be received by the second Thursday of each month in order to be considered at the following month’s meeting. Commission meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

Applications recommended for approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission will be submitted to the Johnson County Board of Supervisors for final approval.

Proposed subdivisions of three (3) or fewer lots may be submitted as a combined preliminary/final plat. For larger subdivisions (four or more lots), separate preliminary and final plats must be submitted.

The entire process takes a minimum of three (3) months for each application submitted (i.e., three months for a preliminary plat and three months for a final plat or three months for a combined preliminary/final plat).

The County’s Road Performance Standards Ordinance is very specific in stating that the roads that provide access to a parcel must be sufficient to carry the traffic that a proposed subdivision will generate. For information regarding your road condition and traffic please call the Planning Development & Sustainability Department.

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