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Variance Information 

When the dimensions or topography of a parcel of land create an "unnecessary hardship" of a physical (not financial) nature, the Johnson County Board of Adjustment may grant a variance on bulk regulations (e.g. building setback, height, etc.) contrary to a parcel’s current zoning requirements.

The application for a variance is available hereAbobe Icon or from from the Johnson County Planning Development & Sustainability Department.

Small Bullet 4What To Submit

The following information must be supplied to the Johnson County Planning Development & Sustainability Department along with a completed application for variance:
 • A cover letter explaining the nature of the request and providing essential details about the application.
• A location map of the property and any other maps, diagrams and information as may be required.
• An attached list of the names and addresses of all property owners within 500 feet of the parcel.
• The corners of the property and the building site must be clearly marked for a site inspection.
• A completed building permit application including a set of building plans and a plot diagram showing the location of the proposed building and all setbacks from the lot lines.
• The application fee and a sign fee of $10.00.

Information concerning property owners can be obtained from the Johnson County Auditor’s office at 913 S. Dubuque St. in Iowa City. In addition, all property pins should be clearly marked for inspection.

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